As far as Middle Eastern food goes, this is one of the best places I’ve been to.

Food: Really, really tasty. All the appetizers and mezzes are amazing (good use of spices). Kabobs are really juicy and I love the sauce they spread on the pita bread.
Entertainment: Live Arabic music, and belly dancing to boot.
Service: Everyone was really kind and the food arrived fairly quick considering how much we ordered.

** Sit inside for a good view of the entertainment (which usually begins after 9pm) and sit outside if you want to enjoy a good hookah with your meal (they have a bunch of different flavors)!

From Yelp: Teresa M., Los Angeles, CA.

I loved Mandaloun!  It was delicious!  Big thank you and shout out to George T who recommended it to me!  It was really great!  The best part about Mandaloun is the mezze’s which are small appetizer dishes.  They are so reasonably priced and you can easily get several of them for what you would normally pay for a whole meal.

We ordered a bunch of stuff!  We got the hummus which was thick and had a nice flavor to it.  It was really good!  The tabbouleh was great, I loved how it wasn’t too lemony.  We also tried this spicy potato dish which was good but it wasn’t what I expected.  I was hoping for more of a spicy potato spread, not little bite sized cubes of potatoes but it was still good.  It was really spicy, Paul loved that part!   The falafel was really great, not greasy at all and I loved how it had a kick to it.  It was a totally different taste than I am used not, I have never eaten falafel that has a spicy hot kick to it but I liked it!  Paul also got the sambousek and the basturma (my apologies if I spelled the names of these two dishes wrong, I googled them to see how they were spelled!).  He loved the sambousek but wasn’t a big fan of the basturma.  We both LOVED the fresh warm pita bread, that was great!  

Everything was so fresh and so tasty.  We really loved it.  Also, they don’t bring everything out at the same time, which is great.  They just kept bringing more food out, I loved it!  All the portions are pretty big, we pretty much had leftovers of everything which was great considering how inexpensive everything was.  We spent about $40 which isn’t bad considering we got six mezza’s and Paul got a coke.  

The service was great too.  Very prompt and quite friendly.  One odd thing, when we first walked in, we noticed people smoking cigar’s inside!  We were not fans of that.  When they asked us where we wanted to sit, and I remarked anywhere besides where folks are smoking, the waiter suggested we sit outside on the patio.  That was rather odd, aren’t smoking sections normally outdoors?  But, anyway…we loved it there and the food was great.

Paul is soooo not a fan of any type of middle eastern food but he really loved Mandaloun.  He mentioned that the best part is how fresh everything tasted and how you could pretty much taste how fresh each of the ingredients were.  Very cool compliment, especially considering how little he likes going out for middle eastern food!

From Yelp: Z Z., Los Angeles, CA

I had been here once a few years ago for dinner and was satisfied. I was extremely impressed by the patio and planned to one day hold an event of my own here. Last week we had a small lunch for my kids baptism in the patio and overall the experience was spectacular! The food was delicious, plenty, and fresh. The set up was perfect and the staff was very attentive. At the end during clean up one of the staff returned a gift envelope that I had dropped without noticing. I was just pleased that honest people exist. Thank you for a great experience and cant wait to host another party.

From Yelp: Smilemore S., Los Angeles, CA.

I’ve been here twice, both times for private events (which I think is all they do). For some curious reason Glendale is chock a block with banquet halls, but of the few I’ve ever been invited to Mandaloun is by far one of the nicest.

The decor is elegant without being gaudy, tasteless, or excessively showy. The staff, mostly young, are attentive, courteous, and very good. I’m not sure of the regular menu options they offer for events, but the two times I’ve been there we were served what seemed like a fairly typical Mediterranean style banquet, with lots of cold appetizers (cured meats/fish, stuffed peppers, pasta salad, hummus, etc), followed by hot appetizers, followed by grilled fish, other cooked meats, kebab, rice, etc, and concluding with coffee and fruit.

The patio is spacious and just as comfortable as inside. If I ever need to utilize a place like this Mandaloun would be  high on the list.

From Yelp: Anthony M., Los Angeles, CA

My friend, its 5 am but i must write a review about this splendid place. if you want good middle eastern food, wonderful friendly staff, live traditional music, belly dancing, hooka pipes, some of the most tender kabobs, and an array of appetizers. then this is your place my friend.

my friend, i tell you cuz you are my friend, but if you want the best in middle eastern/armenian food, this my friend will be your best friend!

go there and tell them you are my friend, my friend.

From Yelp: Sam Y, Los Angeles, CA.